Tired of Your Living Room? Don’t Remodel – Hire an Interior Decorator

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Does Your Living Room Need a Redesign? Hire an Interior Decorator

Are you bored of your living room décor? Is the upholstery on your couch making you depressed? Do you feel like the space is too small and no matter how much you rearrange your furniture, it all just looks blah?

If you can relate, you need an interior decorator. Although it might seem like there’s no hope for your living room without a full remodel, an interior designer can save the day.

Interior designers have special vision

Interior design is a special talent that takes a keen eye for color, textures, patterns, and shadows. For example, there are several modern living room design trends that incorporate specific color schemes, shapes, and minimalism. These designs look great in photographs, but you’ll find it difficult to emulate the designs at home.

Designing the interior of any space requires more than heading to the store to pick out some decorations you saw in a magazine. No matter how good decorations look in the store, it takes special skill to know how to arrange them in a home.

Interior designers have an interesting ability to use various patterns and textures that don’t look inspiring by themselves. For example, if you browse around a home décor store, you’ll probably pass up a large number of items a professional decorator would grab first. For some reason, certain pieces of décor can look ugly in the store, yet bring an entire room to life.

Sometimes rugs can make a huge difference

Depending on your budget, you might not be able to do a complete makeover. However, if you have hardwood floors, you’re in luck. A simple swap of your area rugs with new rugs can create a whole new look. For example, using a natural rug like sea grass or abaca under furniture can make an entire room feel more peaceful.

Before you rush out to buy new rugs, though, hire an interior designer to help make your selections. While it’s not a big task to swap rugs, you’ll be glad you consulted a professional eye first.

Paint is more than just paint

Painting is one of the most common tasks involved in redecorating any room. Although painting can be an arduous task, choosing the perfect color is the hardest part. Color has been scientifically proven to impact mood, so it’s important to get it right, especially in a room where you’ll spend a significant amount of time. 

When choosing a new color for your living room walls, you have to think about more than just the color. The entirety of your living room will influence how the walls are perceived. For example, the color of your furniture can make painted walls appear darker or lighter than they really are. Sometimes the difference can be drastic.

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Check out these optical illusions where certain shapes look like different colors, but are actually the same color. Some of these illusions are mind-blowing. It’s not a trick – the illusions are actually true. These are some of the most well-known optical illusions around.

When you choose a paint color for your walls, you need to consider how that color will be altered when surrounded by your current décor. Or, by your new décor if you’re changing everything around.

Colors can look amazing in the store and on samples, but that doesn’t mean the color will look equally amazing on your walls. If you’ve never had to match paint with décor, that job is best left to an interior decorator.

Paint texture also matters

Something DIYers forget is that paint has a texture. Not all paint is silky smooth – you can get paint with a matte texture. You can also mix things into your paint to give it even more texture.

The texture of your paint matters just as much as the color. If you choose a shiny paint, for example, you might get tired of looking at the shine after a while. It could also be too stimulating. Matte textures, on the other hand, tend to subdue distractions and blend into the background better.

An interior decorator can revive your boring living room

If your living room needs help, you need an interior designer. While there’s nothing wrong with taking a DIY approach to redesigning your space, the advantages of hiring a professional decorator are vast. You might get a room looking good, but a professional decorator can make your jaw drop to the floor.

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