Hardware-as-a-Service: Why Small Businesses Should Make The Change

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4 Reasons Hardware-as-a-Service Is Perfect For Small Businesses

Being a small business owner means balancing an endless array of decisions, big and small, balancing an unstable budget, and so much more, but what if you could reduce some of that stress? This might just be possible through the adoption of Hardware-as-a-Service (HaaS). An extension of other service-based approaches to technology, obtaining equipment via an HaaS program can help you meet your startup’s needs while keeping up with the constant march of technology. 

Rent Versus Buy

In many ways, HaaS programs aren’t especially new. Businesses have rented pricy items like photocopiers for years, and decades ago, it was even common to rent your telephone. Now that businesses rely on such a wide variety of tech tools, though, HaaS makes it possible for businesses to also utilize offsite computing power. Connecting over an Internet Protocol (IP), HaaS technology is typically much higher quality than what a given small business could afford because, in a sense, multiple companies are pooling their funds to “buy” access to better equipment.

Better Service, Better Quality

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As noted above, working with an HaaS provider means that small businesses have access to better quality technology than they could afford on their own, but the benefits of these programs don’t stop there. In addition to increased quality, businesses can buy into access for a wider variety of tools than they might consider investing in on their own. That means that your business can expand its services to meet clients’ needs more rapidly, think creatively, and go deeper with them to meet their needs.

Managed Maintenance

Much like renting a photocopier, one of the major advantages of working with an HaaS provider is that you can feel confident that the equipment you rely on is well-maintained. After all, when you purchase your own technology, you have to know enough about it to be able to spot potential problems before they devolve into something much more serious. Not only does your HaaS provider better understand the equipment at play, but because their entire business model is predicated on providing functional technology to others, they can’t afford to delay necessary upkeep.

Minimizing Space, Maximizing Function

There are a lot of reasons why a business might not want to own its own equipment, and one of the most pressing, especially in cities where office space is at a premium, is that it’s impractical to pay for the added square footage. In such places, to own your equipment means paying for space, paying for the machinery and maintenance, and being trapped in terms of growth since expanding means moving – and paying more. On the other hand, accessing such equipment through an HaaS services means that you don’t need to spend as much on office space and that your operation is more easily scalable.

HaaS may not have the sort of recognition that Software-as-a-Service tools do, but it represents the direction that more and more business processes are headed in. Particularly given the speed of progress these days, focusing on service-based tools instead of ownership simply makes good sense, ensuring your business benefits from the best tools currently available, rather than outdated or malfunctioning owned options.

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