AdWords Management Services Can Propel Your Business Growth. Are You Onboard?

Google Ads are an increasingly vital channel for building awareness of your firm and bringing in qualified leads. If you are not running a finely tuned AdWords campaign, there is a good chance your competitors are pulling leads from right under your nose. 

What if you lack the capability or resources to run Google AdWords campaigns in-house? Hiring Google AdWords management services is the perfect solution. Getting an expert to run your campaigns means you can focus on what you do well, while safe in the knowledge that you will be picking up qualified prospects to build your sales pipeline. 

Choosing AdWords consulting services

Bringing target prospects to your website is essential to kick your business on. Even if you have the best website, products, or services, if people do not know about them you have no chance of closing a sale. 

Other marketing channels are important too. Optimizing your site for SEO is effective, and other tactics such as email marketing and social media can bring some awareness. But the difference with Google AdWords is that they enable you to apply laser focus to target your buying personas. 

The power of Google’s algorithm means you can target content exactly for the people you want to be seeing it. You can even produce different content for different types of people within the same organization. For instance, you may want the CEO seeing one piece of content about bottom-line cost savings, while a practitioner sees how their daily life can be made easier by using your products. 

AdWords campaign management, when executed well, can help your firm achieve these things. The next step is to find the right Google AdWords consultants to drive your marketing on. 

Recruiting AdWords consulting services

Choosing outside help with AdWords is a buyers’ market. There are all kinds of service providers around the world. You will need to carry out a search and qualify your shortlisted options in order to find the best fit.

To do so, consider what is involved in running successful AdWords campaigns. The first is how successful they will be in getting your Ads to the top of your prospects’ searches. Getting them to click is the second, and even harder part. 

Like other paid advertising channels, Google Ads work on the principle that you pay per click. What the searcher does after clicking is nothing to do with Google. In other words, you pay for a click whether that person is interested in your products or not. For this reason, it is vital to get your targeting right to attract qualified buyers. 

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Find out more about your chosen agency

Finding out how your agency works on your account is important to avoiding wasting budget on useless clicks. You need to search for an AdWords management agency that wants to get to know your account and what makes people want to buy your offerings. If you feel an agency’s approach is too generic and cookie-cutter, the chances are your campaigns will not be effective with them. 

To avoid this, shortlist some agencies, and then arrange to speak to them. Ask them how they approach new campaigns and their advice for getting the highest ROI. Look for signs that they want to understand your strategy and goals, and place value in a long-term partnership.

Also understand their contractual model. How long do they expect you to commit? Are their campaigns performance-based? Most importantly, establish how much of your budget will go on the Ads campaigns, and what the agency fee is for managing them. You should also establish where your campaign data will be held. Some agencies run everything through their own portals, which can mean you lose access to valuable historical data if you decide to stop working with that agency at any point in time.

Use the opportunity to ask who will handle your account. If you are paying a premium for expert consultancy, you should expect a senior account manager. Beware of paying top dollar but getting assigned a very junior account executive. 

Most of all, ask the shortlisted agencies their approach for building a strategy and formulating campaigns. Find out how they target keywords, and how they review ROI. Although you might not understand all of the finer technical terminology, it is good to be comfortable with their approach and how they will represent your firm. 

Above all else, use the meeting to find out if you think you will be able to work with these people. Technical and professional credentials are one thing, but human relationships are important too. 

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