7-Day Walking Plan You Can Do Anywhere at Any Time

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Walking is a great exercise to keep your body healthy and active. It is a simple and basic exercise that we do every day when moving from one spot to another, and it can help increase one’s lifespan. Exercise is essential for your health, but sometimes there is not much time to engage in a workout routine. That is why you need to get yourself into a simple walking routine to stay active anywhere you are at any time without needing gym membership or equipment. This simple and easy-to-follow walking routine is customizable to your schedule.

Day 1: Power Walk (30 – 45 minutes)

Start by warming up your body to avoid any injuries. Walk slowly at first,then gradually build up your pace for five to seven minutes. Walk briskly and maintain a steady pace that makes you breathe quickly but still allows you control. Make sure that you feel a slight burn and keep the pace for twenty to thirty-five minutes, then cool down and allow your breath and heart rate to become steady for five minutes.

Day 2: Cross-Train and Stretch

Involve yourself in non-walking exercises that build your stamina, flexibility, and total body strength. Short full-body workouts can help with this and can help you maintain a good physique. Stretches after workouts are essential to help your muscles relax and shorten the recovery time.

Day 3: Speed Walking (10 – 20 minutes)

Warmup and increase your pace slowly for two minutes. Increase your pace and walk as fast as you can while making sure that you maintain a healthy and safe posture. Do this for about six to seven minutes. To walk more quickly, you should pump your arms to propel you. Wind down and let your heart rate and breath steady for two minutes. You can double the amount of time for each section if you are doing twenty minutes.

Day 4: Cross Train and Stretch

Do a short full-body workout to build your muscle strength and stretch to increase your flexibility. If you feel like you need an extra boost with your training, you can get some helpful products from SteroidsFax. It is important to cross-train and stretch in between the walks. This action increases strength and flexibility all over the body. It is also a way of getting some rest from walking.

Day 5: Interval walks (15 – 30 minutes)

Always start with the warm-up. Stroll for about three minutes and gradually build up the pace. Walk at a steady pace for one minute, then switch to a swift pace for another minute. Repeat this for ten minutes and wind down to a comfortable and steady pace for two minutes. If you are doing thirty minutes, you can double the time on each segment.

Day 6: Power Walk (30 – 40 minutes)

Just the same as day one, you should do a power walk on day 6. The walk begins with a five-minute warm-up followed by twenty to thirty-five minutes of steady brisk walking and a cool down of five minutes.

Day 7: Active Rest Day

Rest is vital to let your muscles recover to be fresh for the next cycle. Engage in some light activity such as leisure swimming or yoga to keep active.


Having a walking schedule as a form of training is enough to keep your body active and minimize the chances of falling ill. It is essential to use simple activities such as walking for exercising, especially if you find it challenging to go to the gym.

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