Why Russia is An Ideal Spot for Adventure Lovers?

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Russia is one of the best countries in the world that is filled with a lot of natural scenery and picturesque locations. These natural locations have given rise to a lot of avenues for adventure sports and bring out the inner adventure spree in you.

Name any kind of adventure activities like climbing to ice diving, you can find everything in Russia. 

Many just limit the trip to Russia based on important cities like Moscow and Saint Petersburg after getting the Russia visa but if you are looking forward to enjoying the European country in its real beauty, and then have the places on your list that provide you with a lot of space for adventure activities. The number of places in Russia best suited for adventure activities makes it one of the top reasons why it’s one of the best spaces for adventure sports in the world. 

Mount Elbrus

Mount Elbrus is located in the southwestern region of Russia. It’s located very close to Georgia in the Caucasus Mountain region. This mountain climbing is undoubtedly one of the best adventures in the country. Mount Elbrus is the highest peak in Europe.

You need not pay any amount to climb the mountain but you should be well trained to climb the hill as not just the terrain is rough but the weather in itself is very challenging even in summer. 

You need not obtain any permission to undertake this adventure activity but it’s highly essential to in the mountain only after gaining experience with climbing smaller hills and mountains or else you could climb the mountain with the help of a guide. It takes almost eight or ten hours to reach the peak whereas you could go down in just two hours. 

If ice climbing has been on your bucket list for a very long time, then climbing Mount Elbrus should surely be on the cards.


Diving isn’t just limited to countries with tropical climates but you could find diving an exciting adventure activity in Russia as well.

Rouskaela Marble Quarry is one of the biggest business industries in the entire European region, especially in Russia. The water accumulated in the marble quarry makes it an exciting spot for diving. The Quarry is located very near to Saint Petersburg and is just an hour’s drive from the city. It borders Finland and is said that the marble obtained from this quarry was used to construct many palaces and cathedrals in the St. Petersburg city and other prominent places of Russia. 

It’s already a very famous tourist spot and recently it’s gaining much popularity with the waters attracting people for diving. The turquoise green colored water is very clear and the visibility level is up to 18 meters. 

The marble quarry is surrounded by Pine Forest which gives an exotic feel for those who aren’t comfortable with diving. They could undertake other activities like rowing a boat, taking a look at the caves or hiking in the forest. To dive in these waters, you should wear a dry suit as the temperature is a little less. There are different chambers in the Quarry where the depth of water varies. In most of the chambers, you could spot equipment that was used in the past for extracting marble. Apart from just an adventure point of view, this space offers a bounty of nature and a taste of history.

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Rafting is one of the most widely enjoyed sport by people of all age groups. The Ural Mountains located right between Asia and Europe makes for a great space for rafting. 

The geographical expanse extends from the Arctic Ocean to the least occupied areas of Kazakhstan. This wild expanse offers a range of adventure activities for adventure seekers. The rapidity of waters in this space is suited for rafting.

While speaking of rafting, it’s not just another rafting space where you raft for an hour, but you could go on a rafting adventure for about a week and on the way, you could visit different places and all you’ve to keep in mind is to bear the rough weather conditions. 

Ice diving

Ice diving in the waters is much enjoyable if you enjoy diving in regular waters. It’s another fun activity to indulge in while you are in Russia. Lake Baikal situated in Siberia is one of the deepest lakes in the world. Ice diving here is a lifetime experience where the layers of ice are more than 2 meters. 

By having an idea of the different adventure Avenues in Russia, you could undoubtedly say that Russia is one of the best places in the world for all sorts of adventure activities. It’s very much easy to obtain a Russian invitation letter  to visit the country for tourism and you could do this on your own or with the help of a travel agency. 

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