How Dirty Are Your Gaming Consoles?

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If you look around now, you would realize that a massive part of the population has video games. Due to the emergence and advancement of technology, video games have become a possibility. As a result, many people own gaming consoles to enjoy games either alone or with friends.

However, what many of these people forget to pay attention to is maintaining these gaming consoles. Because these gaming consoles virtually stay in one place, they tend to gather up a lot of dirt and dust particles. But how dirty are your gaming consoles? What danger can it pose to you?

Various firms within the gaming sector and ensuring to provide the right research on this matter. These firms range from Betway Casino to others who provide in-depth reports on the dirt and grime on these consoles.

Here is what you must know about the dirt and the issues present on your consoles.

How Dirty Can Each Gaming Console Get?

To understand how dirty your gaming console is, you first have to understand how dirty each popular gaming console can get.

Let’s Start with the Playstation

If you’re a gamer, you would have no doubt heard about this gaming console. The chances are that you even have one in your possession. They are presently the most popular gaming console, beating formidable competitors such as the Xbox.

However, these consoles are also arguably the likeliest to get dirty. But why?

In fact, several reports from Betway Casino and others have shown these consoles can harbor up to 72.5 colony-forming bacteria units per swab you take, which is a scary number.

The focal points where bacteria and dirt gather the most are the buttons and joysticks of the controllers, which is the gaming part we interact with the most. On this gaming element, you can find as high as 190 colony-forming bacteria, which is high compared to other surfaces in your home.

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What about the Xbox?

The Xbox is also a big contender for the most popular gaming console. They serve other purposes as well and let you navigate to other forms of entertainment.

However, they can get almost as dirty as Playstations due to the number of aesthetical indentations and edges on the console. These holes meant for design can harbor massive amounts of dust, and they can be hard to remove.

Reports show that it can have as much as 62.5 colony-forming bacteria on its surface. Its controllers also had a high median number of bacteria, clocking in at 82.5 colony-forming bacteria.

Have a Look at Your PC

Some categories of gamers may not agree with it, but the PC is equally a game console. However, they can hoard bacteria in equal amounts to the Playstation consoles.

Because we use it for multiple activities other than gaming, swabs taken from multiple computers showed a median number of 165 colony-forming bacteria units living on them.

The mouse attached to it showed 247.5 colony-forming bacteria present.

Nintendo’s Oh My!

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This company is one of the pioneers of gaming, and they are still very relevant to date. Naturally, this makes them one of the most popular gaming companies, churning out bestseller consoles.

On the other side of popularity, the amount of dirt and germs is a cause for concern. It doesn’t have many open holes, and it has a median number of 55 colony-forming bacteria units. It may not seem like a large number, but germs in general are always meant to be taken care of effectively.

How To Clean Your Console

Admittedly, trying to keep your console clean and devoid of bacteria can be quite a hassle. However, you shouldn’t take this as an excuse to neglect cleaning this fantastic device. That said, here are some things you can do to keep your gaming console as clean as possible.

Clean this device at least once a week
When you want to start cleaning, make sure you unplug any power connection to stay safe.

Use a mildly damp piece of cloth containing a bleach-free, plastic cleaning solution to clean the controllers or keyboard.

For the console, use a dry cloth. Damp or wet clothing could damage your gaming console.

The Bottom Line

Keeping a console clean is no easy task. Luckily, you know how much dirt you can expect on your device and have simple steps to use to clean your device.

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