How to Be a Good Team Player

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Having the capacity to be a good team player is vitally important in many different walks of life, be it in your professional life and career or in your relationships and recreational activities. As a team player, you’ll get far more out of your endeavors than a person who is isolated and operates alone because as part of a team, you can get better support, more ideas to help create solutions, and you’ll be able to share the workload and play to each other’s strengths.

For those where being a team player doesn’t come naturally, thankfully, the trait is an easy and accessible thing that can be worked on, as there are many skills and characteristics that, over time, can be improved upon to make you a far more effective team player. Here are a few ways you can improve your skills so that you can work better, among others.


Communication is a huge aspect of good teamwork. Keeping everyone else informed on your progress and what you are doing can help keep everyone productive while also making everyone aware of what is expected from them. Not talking and not keeping others informed can cause panic within a work team and make the operation far more disjointed, leading to a less effective output.

Good communication also includes the ability to listen and take on suggestions, as learning this can help you improve your work and learn to value the feedback of others. Being set in your ways and working without articulating your plans can be very detrimental to a team’s efforts, so make sure that everyone knows what each other is doing and who is responsible for what. Teamwork is vital in high-pressure roles, such as nursing; you can learn how to promote teamwork by clicking here.


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If you’re not displaying full commitment to the end goal, then you’re not going to be a good team player. This is because putting in less effort that is required can make it harder for the entire department or squad to succeed. So, this means that a vital part of being a good team player is pulling your weight and working hard.

This also means that you need to hit your deadlines and complete your tasks to a good standard, as your slacking could make someone else’s role a lot more difficult to fulfill, which in turn could make them less enamored with you. To help improve this, you need to take greater pride in your work. Even if this is for selfish reasons such as wanting to better position yourself for a promotion at work, being more committed to your output will naturally make you a better team player.


Being a positive person and having a positive outlook on your role and the work that needs to be done will help you be a better team player. This is because positivity makes you more open to finding good solutions and boosts more enhanced creative thinking, and can also go a long way in improving overall morale.

No one likes a downer to be a part of their team or a pessimist who does not have the belief that they can do a good job. Being positive at work can improve many aspects of your work life, such as reducing stress and anxiety, making you more productive, and producing better work. Positivity really is powerful and is one of the fundamentals of good teamwork.

Problem Solving

Being an individual that shies away from problems or a person who doesn’t want to innovate from what they’re doing to enhance their work isn’t someone who’s going to be a desirable team member. To be a good team player, you’re going to have to learn how to be a good problem solver and come up with solutions that improve the team as a collective.

Even if your proposed solutions are rubbish, your efforts towards helping and desire to improve will be greatly appreciated and is sure to make you a better team player.

Care About Your Team

Integrating yourself further with your team will undoubtedly make you a far greater team player. This doesn’t mean that you have to become the best of friends with all your co-workers, but it does mean that you should take an interest in their lives, both at work and away from it.

Take the time to figure out the strengths and weaknesses of each induvial, as this will help you know what tasks are best suited to each person if you ever find yourself allocating jobs and roles. It’s also a good idea to celebrate the successes of your team members as not only does this make them like you more, but this encouragement can make them more motivated to continue to be successful, which can make your work better.

Caring about your team will also help you respect them better, meaning that’ll you’ll become more willing to offer support, which is something that a good team player does too. Providing constructive criticism to mistakes instead of ridiculing team members will help them improve and maintain their confidence, which in turn makes them a better worker. You and your team should strive to make an open and relaxed work environment as when a workplace is like this; it’s only going to benefit creative thinking and garner better results.


The ability to multi-task well is a great asset to those wanting to be a good team player. This is because, in the modern era of business, staff can very rarely afford to focus on one situation at a time. Now, staff need to have the skills to work on multiple different things at once, so having this skill makes you a better team player, as, like everyone else, you’re able to bear the load.

Being a good multitasker also suggests that you’re organized and well-disciplined, which can also help you be not just a better team member but a better worker in general.

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