The Best Brands in Airsoft

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Airsoft is a sport increasing in popularity at a rapid rate – at least before the lockdown! Particularly in the UK, there is an avid community of airsoft players and enthusiasts, and many more are looking to get into the sport.

If you’re somebody who is dipping their toes into the wide world of airsoft, you’ve probably already discovered that there’s a lot to learn. From equipment to terminology and tactics, airsoft is a deep and exciting game that has something to offer everyone.

To give you the best introduction, especially if you’re looking to purchase gear for the first time, we’ve put together a list of the most popular airsoft brands in the game. From fan favourites to trusted names, here is everyone you should be aware of in airsoft.

Air Arms

One of the last major airsoft companies in the UK, Air Arms has been manufacturing air rifles since the 1980s, with a history dating to the 60s. With a strong reputation, Air Arms is an excellent choice for anybody looking to start in airsoft.

Air Arms’ weapons are not particularly groundbreaking but are tried and trusted by many players. Known for their rounded performance, excellent reliability and value for money, Air Arms airsoft rifles are a solid choice when it comes to beginner’s guns.

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Classic Army

A relatively young name on the airsoft scene, Classic Army has quickly established itself as one of the sport’s biggest names. Based in Hong Kong, their dedication to high-performance, metal-bodied AEG’s has been well-received, particularly at the higher end of the airsoft spectrum.

As mentioned, Classic Army is most known for its metal AEGs and their incredible build quality. With trustworthy internals, CA guns deliver some of the best reliability and close-quarters performance in the game. However, due to this quality, the price is often higher, making Classic Army a popular choice for seasoned players.

Cyber Gun

Whether Cyber Gun can be classed as one of the best brands across airsoft is up for debate. However, for beginners, Cyber Gun offers much to get excited about. Firstly, the company, based in France, is less renowned for making their own unique weapons. Instead, they create licensed airsoft replicas of established names, including the Desert Eagle, which will appeal to all gun enthusiasts.

Cyber Gun predominantly produce plastic AEGs which don’t always hit the same mark of quality as a company like Classic Army. However, their airsoft weapons are some of the most accessible available, particularly on price, so expect to see many beginners using Cyber Gun.

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Another beginner’s airsoft brand growing in popularity, CYMA is the airsoft equivalent of ‘cheap and cheerful’. Produced in China, CYMA airsoft rifles are some of the cheapest on the market, but still deliver enough quality for beginner’s to get plenty of enjoyment from.

As you may already imagine, CYMA specialises in creating cheaper versions of other brand’s weapons, particularly Tokyo Marui. While they do produce some metal AEGs, this brand is very much geared towards beginners, so their quality is a bit down on other brands, but their price and relative durability make them a good starting point.

G&G Armament

Otherwise known as Guay & Guay, G&G started as an airsoft distributor before producing their own weapons. Based in Taiwan, this relatively small producer has now firmly established itself as one of the sport’s best, perfecting the weaknesses it saw in the products it used to sell.

G&G take a detailed approach to all their products, with their airsoft weapons particularly renowned for their accuracy and trustworthiness. G&G airsoft weapons are also noted for their great designs, making them a firm fan favourite for both performance and visuals.

Tokyo Marui

Arguably the most renowned brand in all of airsoft, Tokyo Marui is one of the go-to names for anybody seeking a high-end, high-performance airsoft weapon. Based in Japan, they were the first company to come up with the automatic electric gun (AEG) concept that is now a standard across the sport.

Tokyo Marui doesn’t necessarily have a standout feature like many of the other brands here. Instead, they deliver high quality across every aspect of the game, something few can match. Tokyo Marui airsoft pistols are accurate and reliable, incredibly durable and incredibly varied, producing one of the most extensive ranges in the sport. If you’re someone who loves airsoft and want to improve their game, chances are you’ll be looking at a Tokyo Marui gun.

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Here are some of the best airsoft brands to keep an eye out for next time you’re on the field. From beginners to experts, you’ll likely see these names quite a lot during your time playing!

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