4 Steps for Planning the Perfect Beach Trip

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Many surveys, including one by Travel Weekly, have found that the majority of Americans prefer beach vacations over other types of getaways, and if you’re one of the many hoping to enjoy that perfect beach trip for fun in the sun without regrets, these four steps can help you make it happen. After the perfect beach trip, you might even be tempted to buy one of the Fort Lauderdale houses for sale

Figure Out Your Budget 

Before planning any type of trip, it’s important to figure out a travel budget, deciding how much you can spend on everything from accommodation, meals, transportation, and fuel to activities and attractions. Once you know how much you can afford, it will help narrow down your destination, for example, if you don’t have enough to pay for airfare for the entire family, you’ll need to choose a spot you can drive to.

Choose Your Destination

Once you know what your budget is, you’ll know whether or not you can expand your destination options to places overseas, or if you need to stick closer to home. Either way, consider the activities you’d like to be able to enjoy other than spending time on the sand. For example, is there a waterpark nearby? Are there lots of restaurants and nightlife? Or, would you prefer a quiet spot for relaxing without a ton of local amenities available? Think about the water sports available at the beach too – some are better for swimming, with gentle waves, while others are better for surfing. Do some research to find out how the water and winds affect the activities on the beach and just offshore.

Book Accommodation

Many beach destinations offer traditional hotels and motels, Airbnbs or other vacation home-style rentals, and all-inclusive resorts. Compare prices while considering the amenities offered. Some all-inclusives can be cheaper than standard resorts. And, if you’re a family with children, you might be able to find a property with a kids’ club so that you can enjoy some adult time while the kids play. 

Oftentimes, an Airbnb provides the best value with extra perks like a kitchen so that you can save on dining out, and even a washer/dryer so that you won’t have to bring as much clothing with you. They often have more space for families or groups to stretch out and enjoy more privacy, but you probably won’t have facilities like restaurants and spas on-site.

Pack Your Beach Trip Essentials

Be sure to bring everything you need for a fun beach trip as you’ll need quite a few supplies for all those activities as well as items for protection from the sun and insects, clothing, toiletries, etc. Some of the things to consider include toys for playing in the sand, “floaties” and inflatable items for the water, lifejackets, goggles, snorkel gear, beach towels, beach bags, sun glasses, bug spray, sunscreen, swimsuits, sandals/flip flops, and sun hats. If you plan to use your phone at the beach, consider a waterproof case to prevent a costly accident, and for snorkeling, you might want an inexpensive underwater camera to capture all those colorful fish and other marine life.

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