3 Must-See Toronto Hot Spots

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Toronto is one of the most incredible cities in Canada, and perhaps the world. It is known for its diversity and acceptance of all cultures, a great balance of nightlife and natural excursions, and of course, hockey. If this sounds appealing, check out real estate in Toronto and consider making this iconic city your home. Here are three of the spots you need to check out on your next trip to Toronto to really understand the importance of this fine city.

CN Tower

San Francisco has the Golden Gate Bridge, London has Big Ben, and Paris has the Eiffel Tower. These iconic structures play an important role in the culture and identification of these amazing cities. For Toronto, the most identifiable structure is the CN Tower. Its purpose is for telecommunication services in downtown Toronto, but has grown into more than that. It is a tourist destination, a symbol of the city of Toronto, and an incredible place to enjoy dinner from up in the clouds. Yes, that’s right – if you can get a reservation at the 360 Restaurant, you can enjoy dinner with your loved ones at 1,150 feet. If you’re looking for something a little more thrilling, check out their EdgeWalk experience and find yourself exploring the area around the tower hands-free.

Hockey Hall of Fame

Whether you’re a die-hard hockey fan or not, the Hockey Hall of Fame is one of the coolest places in Toronto and a definite must-see on your next trip here. Check out the original Stanley Cup in person, as well as other memorabilia that date back to the 1890s and early 1900s! The Hockey Hall of Fame is located in Brookfield Place in Toronto. If sports aren’t really your thing, Brookfield Place will still be worth the trip. An incredible piece of architecture, this building also houses some great shopping and dining destinations you’re sure to love.

Toronto Islands

Hop on a ferry and visit the Toronto Islands, just a short 13-minute ride from the mainland. This is a great place for families, with an amusement park, beaches, and an abundance of activities for adults and kids alike. Visit the Franklin Children’s Gardens, inspired by the children’s character Franklin the Turtle, for a fun daytime activity with the kids. For adults, you’ll want to check out Hanlan’s Point, a clothing-optional beach. For a historic (and spooky!) experience, take a journey to Gibraltar Point Lighthouse. There are rumors that this lighthouse, which is the oldest landmark in Toronto, is haunted by its first keeper, who passed away mysteriously.

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