The Power of the Iron Fist and the Lure of Comics

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We are living in a time of seemingly great despair. People perish by the wayside due to the pandemic, and others lose their jobs. But all is not lost. Hope reigns supreme. In the world of comic books, hope is always just another page way.

That is one of the reasons why it is incredible to be in the world of comics in some form or fashion. You can read comics, write comics, or sell comic books. Regardless of how you participate in the sector, comics have an allure that people appreciate.

Let’s take a look at some of these benefits and lessons we can learn from a comic book like the Iron Fist.

The Origins of the Iron Fist and Lessons Therein

The writer who would craft this compelling story was Roy Thomas and Gil Kane. The comic book was then picked up Marvel and distributed to the masses.

Those who do not know what the Iron Fist is all about here are quick primers. The story circles around Danny Rand, an individual who would lose his parents at a young age in a plane crash. He would survive and be in a magical place called K’un Lun.

What would he do?

He would work with K’un Lun monks to train and become a great fighter by using the power of his Iron Fist. Rand would have to take on an oath of celibacy, improve his mind, learn Buddhist principles, and cleanse his soul. He learned wisdom, such as “one never really knows one’s own true intentions.”

Here’s why it is a compelling series.

Hope and Focus During Strife

I’m a big fan of this show because of the spiritual connotations, the focus, and hope. In times where it is hard to get up and face the day and do our respective training for our job, school, or sports, a show like this helps to provide more motivation.

Rand didn’t know why he trained so hard while at the monastery as a young child. Then he comes back to normal society after a hard journey and finds himself in situations where only he could solve them through his pieces of training.

The character fights through these different situations and uses his focus and energies to overcome significant obstacles.

Another component that astounds me in this story is that elusive aspect of focus. It has hard to focus on these days due to the many different distractions present in this era.

A profound lesson I’ve learned from this series was the power of focus and simplicity and practicing it in your daily life. If we look at one goal and can carve out specific time to make sure we work toward it, then we can progress, no matter what happens.

It is lessons like these that stem from comic books that provide entertainment but also significant value for us as we go through life.

Comic books can help to sustain us and provide insight into different elements of life. That is why I’m a fan of comics and will continue to stay a fan of comics even as I get older. By the way, if you are interested in comic books, then the Iron Fist is one that I would recommend.


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