What technology do live casinos use?

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Today, live casinos are the closest thing we can find online to a traditional casino.

This new experience seeks to bring players closer to the excitement of gambling in a casino but in a completely virtual environment that they can enjoy in the comfort of their homes. There are casinos that offer private tables with more than ten games, such as blackjack, operated by real croupiers in real time or online real money slots in countries like Canada. This gives the player the possibility to interact with this person and, through a chat room, with other players who are participating in the game. Without a doubt, this is a new way of conceiving online gaming; what technology makes this experience possible?


Cameras are the essential component of live casinos as they allow us to see the gaming table and interact with the dealer. These cameras must guarantee an image quality in high definition so that the live streaming is as realistic as possible. In general, each gaming table has three cameras that allow to take general shots from different angles and one shot of the table in detail. In Jonny Jackpot’s live roulette, for example, you can choose from which camera you want to view on any compatible device.

Optical Character Recognition

Optical character recognition technology is what enables users to actively participate in the game. This technology records all the details of the room and allows them to be transmitted to users via video. It also makes it possible for players to place their bets and manage their control panel. The technology used by Fun Casino simplifies the user interface so that it is easier to use. In terms of the movements of the game room and their transmission, this technology is what makes it possible for the game to develop and be as close as possible to a traditional casino since it captures everything that happens at the table: the roulette spin, the distribution of the cards and any movement made by the croupier.

Central gaming unit

The central gaming unit is composed of the gaming platform and the software that manages it. In the case of live casinos, the gaming platform is in charge of providing the necessary tools for the user to manage his account. From logging in and updating your profile to withdrawing money from your balance, this platform is configured to allow the user to interact within the casino. In addition, the software that composes it allows the user to have an environment where to play. Unlike online casinos, which are operated entirely by software, live casinos do not need the random number generator because, as in traditional establishments, the game is played using real cards and components handled by the dealer.

Is blockchain technology changing online casinos?

The online casino ecosystem remains at the forefront, renewing itself over time by offering new and interesting proposals for its users. Proposals that have made them grow exponentially and that seek not only to attract more people to this ecosystem, but also to satisfy the needs of its users.

A common factor within these needs has been the constant search for transparency, since greater transparency generates greater trust and confidence is the fundamental basis of any economic system. High levels of trust translate into more users and therefore a higher volume of plays.

With the advent of Bitcoin and blockchain technology multiple industries saw the potential of this technology and began to take advantage of it, including the online casino industry. While Bitcoin and crypto currencies began to be used massively as a means of payment in these casinos, what this technology can do goes far beyond.

Bitcoin technology offers levels of transparency, security and privacy that are unprecedented in the industry.

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