The Pandemic and the Need to Connect

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The current pandemic is the best time to go back to your roots and to build up what really matters in life. These essentials might vary on the surface level, but it is all the same underneath. Everyone, in my opinion, wants to matter and pursue similar ends through different means. We all want a sense of belonging, a tight-knit community, and achievements. Maslow’s hierarchy applies to everyone on the planet. From physiological needs to self-actualization, I believe that everyone is in the same boat.

One critical part of this path is connecting with others, those from the past, and those we will meet in the future. A crucial factor in the journey to progress is the people in our lives who help us make the right decision, move us forward, and connect the dots.

That is why I’m looking at different ways to connect with friends, family, and various future valuable acquaintances.

But how can I go about finding and reaching out to the right people?

What is out there for me to turn to meet my needs?

Let us find out.

General Web Engine Search

It is a new era where you can connect with anyone if you have the right tools and are creative enough. For instance, if you want to find a specific person, you can start by conducting a simple Google, DuckDuckGo, or Bing search.

This is probably very crude if you do not set the right parameters. This is a top of the funnel type of approach. It is very general and somewhat crude, but it helps one to get started in the search. If you want to get the best results, you would want to check if you have a phone number, an email address, or some hard connection that ties them to their past or present.

The more information you have in this regard, the better it is for you. But if you are in this part of the funnel, you are likely missing pertinent details. That is why this tool is first on my list because it will come in handy in a data less situation.

Social Media

The next tool is social media. Why? Everyone is on there in some form or fashion. If they are not on a site that connects them with their high school friends and family, they are on one that connects them to other business professionals. Further, if they are not present on a platform, it lets them connect to others’ thoughts.

Getting In Touch with a Friend of A Friend

This is the next segment of the search for the right person. It starts with a general search, then goes to social media with you finding one person who can help connect you. These prior tools help to expedite the process, but you must still conduct the legwork.

Using Efficient Tools

The last component is utilizing the right tools that focus on people search. There are a variety of ways to find people, but niche services and processes can save you a ton of time as you go along.

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