Graphic designing trends to look out for in 2020

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In an age where the customer reaction to various brands is largely determined by their visual appeal, graphic designing is becoming more mainstream and an integral part of sales and marketing campaigns. Brands use creatively designed graphics and visuals to differentiate themselves from their competition and bond with their audiences. Read ahead to learn more about 6 latest graphic designing trends that are expected to dominate the global market.

  1. Muted palettes: Over the past few years, brands and companies have resorted to bright hues and colours to differentiate themselves from their competition. However, you can expect a return to more sober and muter colours being used in 2020. One reason behind this shift could be that muted colours blend perfectly with neutral colours and send out a message of suaveness and dignity and make the products and websites look modern and current.
  2. Colour gradients: Colour gradients have been a major trend for the past couple of years and is expected to stay popular in 2020. Colour gradients are mostly used as eye-catching backgrounds for photo-based visuals and add an extra texture to the image. They can also add depth to complex illustrations and make them look lifelike.
  3. Abstract and dreamy illustrations: The third trend on the 2020 graphic design trends would be abstract and dreamy illustrations. The best thing about using these would be the difficulty in copying your original graphics with accuracy. This can ensure that your artwork stays secure. Another advantage in using them would be the novelty—your brand would stand apart from the others as the trend has not yet been picked up by many brands till now.
  4. Heavy but simple fonts: Up till a few years back, many brands preferred using ornate or sophisticated fonts for their visuals to depict a larger-than-life image. However, bold simple fonts are making a comeback in 2020. These fonts can yield a modern and contemporary feel to your designs. They are also excellent for creating contrast in your visuals and work well with muted palettes. You can also use them as the focal points of your designs.
  5. Flowing shapes and lines: The trend of geometric lines and rigid shapes is fast being replaced by more flowing lines, shapes and patterns that make your graphics softer and more harmonious. Flowing lines and shapes can also make your graphics look creative, authentic and down to earth. These can create perfect contrast with geometric shapes and colour gradients to make the message pop out.
  6. GIFs: GIFs are very short animations that can portray a message or an idea in a fun and interactive way. Initially owned by millennials and limited to their chat boxes, GIFs are fast catching the fancy of big brands and corporations who are using these to humanise their brands. Using GIFs in your designs and visuals are an excellent way of showing that your brand is dynamic and customer friendly.

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