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In our fast-paced world today, cars are hardly a luxury anymore. Sometimes, having a car is the difference between easy and convenient movement and braving the high costs of transportation. Uber and taxis only go so far to preserve your finances, and with a fraction of the amount spent on them, you could get a used car that serves the same purpose and doesn’t leave you at the mercy of your drivers.

Used cars sales are booming, and for good reason. They’re usually hardier, cheaper and more convenient than new cars, but it might be daunting for a car novice to walk into a dealership to make a purchase. These tips will help you to get the best out of your used car purchasing experience.

Patronise a reputable car dealership

The quality of your used car is only as good as where you buy it from. In the UK, Sandown Group remains the most reliable retailer for verified Mercedes Benz and Smart used car sales. Buying your used car from Sandown Group comes with lots of perks, and assurance of quality, and great prices you would be hard-pressed to find anywhere else.

Take advantage of the warranty and added services

It’s always prudent to buy cars that have existing warranties to cover any damages or car faults in at least the first year of use. This should include pre-buying maintenance and checks too. Because you’re getting a used car, there’s a measure of wear and tear o take into account. Your dealer should make concessions to treat these faults for the best car buying experience.

Sandown Group offers car support and checks for used car purchases, which takes the strain of maintaining your car from you.

Make sure all regulations are up to date

Before you put down that payment, check the papers of the car you’re about to buy: especially if you’re buying privately. Most authorised dealers like Sandown Group will have all the regulations ticked off, but you still need to check that the proper licensing and registration papers are complete, including V5C and insurance.

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Check for faults

You should also know to check the car for external and internal faults that might compromise the quality of the car. This includes the painting, scratches and dents on the exterior, the electrical wiring of the car, the engine, seatbelts, tyres and mileage – everything. Some faults might be normal with a used car, so use them as leverage to negotiate a lower price.

Ask for payment options

The price of the car you choose should be open to negotiation. Sandown Group offers several payment options for customers in different income brackets, giving you flexibility with your car purchase. For as low as £200 every month, you could be driving your dream car.

With these checks in place, you can be sure that you’re getting value for your money instead of a purchase that could become a potential drain on your pocket. Minimise the fear of the unknown with your car purchases by consulting a verified car dealership like Sandown Group for all your Mercedes Benz car purchases.

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