How a Phone Can Simplify Your Life

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If you do not have a phone in the year 2020 then I am not sure what you’re doing with your life but they are here to stay and extremely helpful many things besides sending calls, or text messages. With the creation of apps there are endless uses for your phone whether you need directions in an unfamiliar place, or you want to share a picture with your family. Once you experience the different apps it makes it hard to get through life without them.


Have you ever taken a different route home then usual and suddenly found yourself wondering where you are? A simple Gps can figure that out in seconds along with finding the best route home. Most phones have a great one whether you have a new or refurbished phone. My favorite app to use is Waze due to the fact that you are relying on other users to let you know where the officer is hiding out, or even if there is a surprise pothole on the road.

Staying in Touch With Family

If you talk to one of your friends then chances are they are in a family group messaging whether it’s Whatsapp or Wechat. A service like that is great for privately sharing pictures of your kids with family as compared to posting it on Facebook for the whole world to see. A group chat can add or remove members easily and the messages typically cannot be encrypted.


There are so many top notch news app’s making it unnecessary to buy a newspaper subscription. If you want to read an article later you can bookmark it just like on a browser. Some apps make you pay but if you go to your local news channel chances are they have a news app which is completely free due to the adds they will run.

Running a Business

If you have your own business then there are endless options of tools available. You can get a sqaure which attaches to your phone and allows credit card payments instantly swiped on your phone. There are also other tools like mint which help you track your finances. I really like that if there is any type of unusual spending you get a notification. Once you set your monthly budget for each category it will keep track for you as well as provide a credit score free of charge once a month.

Companies like that do offer extra premium services but typically you can get by with just using the free service. Remember, these are all apps on your phone and they are endless. The typical business owner will have everything from paypal to quick books ready to go at any second.


Companies like Instagram created an app that can literally entertain for hours. Once you create one it pays attention to the types of people you follow and posts you open to create a customized search bar that suggests pictures and videos based on what you like. Instagram is also used for business and many people like to link to their online stores from it. If privacy is an issue then you are able to make your account private so noone can see your pictures or videos until you approve them to do so.

Like I said in the beginning if you do not own a phone then I am not sure how you are getting through life. Phone’s do not have to be expensive! You can always buy a refurbished phone at any time. There are phones for everyone so if you do not like touch screens there are also keyboards available now. People tend to like buttons over a touchscreen. This rang true a few years ago when Honda got rid of the Volume knob. After thousands of complaints and bad reviews they had to add it back the next year.

Have fun learning all the ways this can make your life more convenient!

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