5 ways to play golf on the cheap

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According to algarvegolf.holidays experts, Golf is not a cheap game. Whether you are a beginner looking to scale your learning curve or a professional who wants to get better at it, you should be ready to spend some bucks. Take, for example, playing at the Balaia Golf Course. Unless you are a member of the golf club hence have access to their discounts for a thrilling golfing experience, a limited budget can get you on the edge of giving up.

But we have surveyed how golf can be played and enjoyed in a budget-friendly way. In this post, we take you through proven ways of playing golf for cheap. May you will have some pocket change to buying a golfing course. Take a look.

1) Part-time golf course job

If you would like to get started playing golf, the cost of doing so can be very discouraging. Professional golfers take home big bucks at the end of every game or monthly and it is because golf is not a cheap game. However, to help you cut costs, we suggest taking a part-time job at a golf course. It will save you a few bucks while you learn on the go. The catch here is that people who work at golf clubs have unfettered access to golfing equipment and time. Thus, teeing during your free time should get things rolling for you.

The other perk of this job is that other than having access to the golf course and equipment you will get paid for it. You can view, play and learn a lot about this game by just making the best use of your free time. Learn golf and earn bucks, the best combination ever!

2) Internet-based golf courses

In this age of information, the internet is one place that will help get you started with golf. However, given that courses, even those available online can leave a dent in one’s pocket, we suggest taking your time at it. Some websites provide free golf course. And ensuring that they provide approved online golf courses will get you a step close to becoming a professional. Most importantly, a cheap online course will cut your golfing budget b almost half the cost compared to the much you would spend registering for a training session offline.

These golf courses may have restrictions of their own type. Some features may be locked, some may be boring, so you have to survey a lot if you have to save your money and still learn golf. But this is the best way to get your hands on the starting techniques and basic knowledge of golf. And when you get your hands on the basic skills through these free training programs, you can decide how much to spend on learning the advance skills.

3) Buy equipment during winter

During winter, golf courses are often empty. The cold season isn’t a favorite time for golfers unless they live in places where winter sun favors the game. From our experience, we suggest shopping for golf equipment during winter because you get a good club for cheap, including other necessities.

This is like the offseason for golf. So, winters are the best time for you to get the best bargain on the golf courses. You can choose a nice afternoon wherein you can get a practice session at an affordable cost. But this can be done only if the winters favor sunny afternoons in your place. If the golf course is not an option, do not forget to get your hands on the best golf equipment and claim the best deals.

4) Forgo riding a cart and walk to the course

Riding a golf course cart attracts some expenditure. Unless you have money to spend, we suggest walking to the course to cut down fees associated with playing the game. After all, walking is a great way to exercise. You will feel fitter and stronger as soon as you get hold of a club and ready to tee.

These little things go a long way in saving for an expensive game. So, try mending out the best possible ways to saving money and getting the best out of the game. If you cut down the golf cart usage it may seem to be a little thing, but you cannot even imagine the savings that will add up to. So, try saving up from these little things.

5) Buy recycled/refurbished balls and used clubs

Refurbished balls are another way of saving costs when it comes to playing golf. While a new box of premium golf balls with feel good on the club, especially for professionals, recycled golf balls should equally land a good shot. Some websites sell refurbished golf balls after recovering them from lakes and ponds. Moreover, buying used clubs is another way of saving money from playing golf. A quick online search will pull up many websites that will sell you a good ball for cheap.

Final Thoughts

In the end, you should understand that getting started playing golf is not free. Professionals who have mastered the art of the sport equally spend money every time they walk on to the pitch. Another way of cutting costs is by finding a cheap golf course. Many golf clubs offer discounts. We would also suggest buying a golf club membership because it is a great way to enjoy teeing at a reduced cost. Discounted golfing rounds are chances you don’t want to miss.


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