5 Simple Ways To Make Your Hotel Guests Feel At Home

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Many hotel guests look forward to their travels because they love the idea of being away from home for a while. The irony is that they also want the comforts of home when arriving to their new destination. An increasing number of hoteliers are starting to understand this fact and are providing the necessary accommodations to make their guests feel at home. Check out the tips below with five simple ways to achieve this goal.

1. Specialty Tea Bags

Besides coffee and water, tea is the beverage that’s consumed most often by people around the world. It’s consumed in the morning, afternoon and evening. When enjoying time in a hotel, your guests would likely appreciate having specialty tea bags in a variety of flavors. In fact, it might even be something they remember about their hotel stay. Consider providing a variety of flavors in hotel rooms. There are teas on the market made from all types of fruit, such as kiwi, strawberry and peach. There are also savory teas on the market with flavors like chai and ginger. Another option is to provide crystallized lemon packets as a companion to basic tea blends.

2. Hotel Room Microwave

When you think about the last time you stayed in a hotel room, you’ll probably associate the experience with the food you ate. Why? Because eating at restaurants is often the best part of traveling. Another way to make hotel guests feel at home is by providing a hotel room microwave. Let’s face it, a large number of people travel on a budget and don’t have extra money to spend on expensive restaurant food several times a day. Providing a microwave will enable guests to enjoy food purchased earlier in the day from either a restaurant or through room service. It’s a convenience that will make hotel guests feel at home.

3. Comfortable Pillows

Nobody enjoys sleeping on an uncomfortable pillow. If you have a five star hotel, there’s a good chance that guests will provide a lower rating if the pillows are uncomfortable. A bad pillow is a small thing that can ruin a good night’s sleep. Most comfortable pillows are soft, durable and hypoallergenic. Many top hotels have goose down pillows because they are often the best of the best. What’s ideal for one person won’t be ideal for another person. However, hard pillows are universally disliked.

4. HDMI Port

There are probably few people in the world that don’t have some type of online streaming service. That’s because it’s convenient and you can watch a movie or TV show wherever you go. If you’re traveling and staying in a hotel room, you’re much more likely to have spare time to watch your favorite shows. The same applies to hotel guests. A vacation is the best time to binge watch shows and a High-Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI) port will facilitate this. An HDMI port essentially let’s hotel guests connect their laptop to the hotel TV. It’s better to binge watch shows on a large screen, especially when enjoying a hotel stay. Or, you could even consider providing a login option for popular streaming services so that guests can log into their personal accounts.

5. High Thread Count Sheets

In addition to having soft pillows, soft sheets should be a high priority. It’s another little thing that can make a hotel stay amazing. Generally, the higher the thread count, the more comfortable the sheets. Notably, you can have super comfortable sheets that have a thread count of 300 to 800+.

Implementing these tips can boost the ratings of almost any hotel because most guests just want to be comfortable and enjoy a home away from home.



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