3 Ways Using CBD Has Gotten Interesting

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In the early stages of CBD production it was mostly unregulated and the only CBD product you could get was tinctures. Tinctures are great, however, sometimes the taste is just not there. Typically, if you’re using CBD it’s for a reason so most want to target what they are trying to alleviate. There is now a plethora of different ways to ingest or apply it and companies like CBDfx are making vegan hemp cbd gummies.

Why do People Love the Gummies!

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Gummies are just more enjoyable compared to drinking oil. The botanical flavors just aren’t there in the gummies and the sugar seems to allow it to kick in a little quicker. A lot of people who suffer from sleep or anxiety issues prefer the gummies. As said before all types of people can have them whether they’re vegan or diabetic. The best part is that sometime terpenes are added which can alter the effects of the CBD. There is no THC in this product so it is not psychoactive but a lot of people describe the feeling as just being relaxed, but not in an intoxicated way.


Patches would be used for pain. If you can find the right patch it can be more effective than a pain killer. Many people swear by it even though the research just is not there yet. I know in Florida there is a huge market for the retirees that still want to play golf. Now, when it comes to the amount of milligrams it is probably best to start in the middle and adjust it from there as you get a feeling for the way it is going to work.

Vape Pens

CBD vape pens have become extemely popular. There was a decline last year while they were figuring out what was causing the health issues but since then that has been figured out. Vaping is going to be the quickest way for your body to absorb it. There are so many different pens you can buy with different terpenes to mimic certain strains of caFireShot Capture 227 CBD Gummies 100 Vegan and Lab Tested Feel The Differencennabis. Some may be better for daytime compared to nightime.

CBD has changed a lot over the last few years. A lot more research is on it’s way so be prepared for even more ways to use it in the future.

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