Adhering to your New Year Resolutions: Top Tips on How to go About It

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Another New Year has begun; something that has us all wondering about what the next 12 months could bring. Many individuals start a fresh year by making resolutions of what they will do to change their lives for the better. From quitting smoking to exercising more, cutting back on alcohol or taking up a new hobby, there are some popular New Year’s resolutions that we all make at the beginning of January.

Setting your resolutions is one thing though – sticking to them can be something entirely different. You may decide on what you plan to do with the best of intentions but then find that daily life gets in the way of carrying out your plans over the long term. The good news is that there are some great tips on adhering to the New Year resolutions you make as shown below.

Set realistic goals to begin with

One useful tip on sticking with what you set out for any New Year is to be realistic about what you plan to achieve. Cutting back on sugary food is perfectly reasonable for example, whereas cutting out all sugar from your diet overnight is not. The problem with setting unrealistic resolutions is that they will be practically impossible to stick with or succeed at. By instead deciding on things that are achievable, you are far more likely to be able to adhere to them and gain confidence from seeing them work.

Buy the right gear

Many resolutions need the right kit to succeed. Taking up more exercise is a classic example as you cannot go running without the right sneakers or clothing. Many people looking to get in shape will also use compression wear clothing to help as this reduces stiffness the next day and protects the body while exercising. A compression shirt is a very common choice and buying the right compression shirt can help you get more from your sessions. Even if buying accessories to help is not essential, they can often make you feel good enough about yourself when using them to aid your success.

Make resolutions that fit your lifestyle

Another great piece of advice around sticking to your resolutions is to set ones which fit easily into your lifestyle. This will mean you have the time to carry out what you plan to do and do not struggle to fit it into your daily routine. This is especially true if you have family and work life to juggle. Most people, for example, could find time for a couple of short exercise sessions each week at home but may not be able to exercise every night of the week at a gym class. By tailoring your resolutions to how you live, you are more likely to stick with them.

Remain positive

One vital thing to remember is that staying positive is a great tool in helping you to adhere to any resolutions in the long term. Many people start off really well for a few weeks but then allow things to slip bit by bit – before you know it, you are back to your old way of living. Try to retain a positive mindset which tells you how good you are doing and keeps you on track. It is also important to not let lapses in your new routine derail the whole process.

For example, if you planned to quit smoking but have a cigarette on a night out with friends, don’t stress too much about it. The best thing to do is accept what happened as a blip and get back to your new routine the next day. Beating yourself up about it and allowing one single event to undo any future good work is ill advised.

New Year is the perfect time to change

There is a reason so many people make resolutions to change their life for the better in the New Year – it is the ideal time to go about it. Most of us get some time off from work over Xmas and this gives us a chance to reflect on where we are in life and how we could improve things. By starting to change how we live for the better at the beginning of the year, it gives us all of the next year to make it happen. If you traditionally struggle to make your New Year’s resolutions stick, then hopefully the above tips will help. As you can see, most of it comes to approaching it with the right mindset and with putting realistic goals in place first.

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