Technology and Marketing Tactics: The Best Combination

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If you are looking to start or expand your eCommerce business, it goes without saying that you should invest in technology.

The benefits of business technology range from streamlining your operations to improving sales and profitability. Tech allows you to have the edge over the competition, improve customer experience, perform data analytics, access more resources and provide more value.

However, the technology can be quite expensive, especially if you run a small business. While you can get a business loan to invest in tech, this decision requires careful consideration.

If you’re on a budget, one of the easiest ways to harness technology is to take full advantage of existing marketing tactics to grow and expand your business and your profits.


When marketing your copywriter is going to be a paramount job. The copywriter creates the tactics and puts them onto paper. Finding the right copywriter can be grueling since so many people have the qualifications. Look at the results of what that copywriter has done and make your decision from there.

What are the best marketing tactics?

Technology augments various aspects of modern eCommerce, like usability, security, communication, support, reporting, transaction and order processing, among many others. Combining tech and marketing techniques is an ingenious way to push your business to new heights.

If you are looking for ways to drive sales or grow your business, it all comes down to marketing. Even creating a brand involves marketing and promoting it to your audiences. Here is a brief look at five marketing tactics (combined with tech) that will help you grow your business:

1. Machine-assisted conversion with chatbots

Chatbot technology can simulate human interactions and conversions through messaging and voice commands. In reality, these are merely computer programs that aid conversion so that you can offer better customer support 24/7.

Chatbots cannot mimic real human conversion. However, they significantly improve communication and lead conversion. This suits both startups and existing businesses, especially if you do not have a sales representative or support personnel for every customer that visits your site.

2. Conversion optimization

Conversion optimization increases the number of prospect leads you can market to.

Asking site visitors to sign up for a newsletter is a conventional way to find new leads. This is easy to achieve with on-site sign-up forms and landing pages.

You can also optimize your lead generation by adding incentives and giveaways, such as coupons and free downloads. This allows you to request visitors to fill in their details, subscribe to a mailing list, or follow your social platforms before they can get access to the giveaway.

3. Data analytics

Studies indicate that data-driven businesses are 5% more efficient and 2-3% more profitable. This is because data analytics technology can track everything you use in marketing, from offers and promotional ads to technology, and tell you if it’s working.

You can hire professional data collection and analysis firms. Or you can invest in analytics tools, as there are numerous options, including those that are free. Maptive is a good example of how analytics tools can help you make better decisions, as it allows you to transform and visualize your data via its heat map maker feature.

Analytics in marketing can help you keep track of performance and identify value addition areas. It also provides insights about your customers, how they come to your site, features they use and links they click on.

4. Mobile-friendly marketing tactics

About half of users open their emails through mobile devices. Website visits via mobile devices also surpass half the total combined online visits.

As well as making your site mobile-friendly, there are also mass communication apps available which businesses can utilize to ensure there is smooth communication to customers. We all know how frustrating it can be to not get through to companies as customers ourselves, and in using such apps as DialMyCalls, you can mitigate customer frustrations by ensuring you are communicating first, and answering quickly when questions do arise.

5. Social media and SEO

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a crucial integral aspect of digital marketing. SEO ensures your website and pages rank highly for specific keywords that your customers use.

Useful SEO plugins and tools can help you optimize the site for web crawlers and Google search algorithms.

It’s time to use technology to your advantage

The vast number of marketing tools and technologies out there make it easy for businesses to target and reach more prospects that are genuinely searching for their products and services. Try the above marketing tactics and track the changes in your sales and growth.

You might have to invest in various applications and technologies, but you can still benefit from the free tools available online.

Are you ready to invest in growth, technology, and marketing? Let us know in the comments!


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