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It used to be the case, that your only competitors were the other shops on the high street. As long as you stayed ahead of them, you could pretty much guarantee your success. However, all of that has now changed and now you have competition from all over the world. Economies are growing all the time and countries that were not a threat before are now taking business from Australian companies. It is now time for companies to look beyond the borders of Australia.


One of the fastest-growing economies in the world is China and they are now open for business. They have the second largest economy in the world and to ignore that would be foolish. However, the language barrier remains a problem. English is the language adopted by most large corporations in the world, however, there are still remains many companies who are unable to communicate in English. It is up to us as business owners, to find a way around this and to reach this very lucrative market.

Translation Services

One way to do this, is to find a business that offers excellent translation services. They need to understand the market, they need to understand your requirements and they need to take into consideration, the cultural differences between one country and another. You can translate Chinese to English with Sylaba and that this company takes care of all of your translation needs. There are many services that they can offer and here are just some of them.

  • Brochure Translation – If you have brochures that you want to send to Chinese companies, or are they have brochure that they want to send you, then this translation service changes the brochures to English or Chinese, depending on your needs. The brochure then becomes easier to understand and hopefully, you will be able to generate new business or a new supplier.
  • No Misunderstandings – Many business to business deals are unsuccessful due to issues with the language. It seems such a shame to lose thousands and thousands of dollars because of a simple misunderstanding. In order to avoid these misunderstandings, these specialist translation companies will ensure that everything is clear, concise and understandable to both parties.
  • New Contracts – If you do get to set up a new business relationship, then contracts will need to be drawn up in both English and Chinese. These are legal documents and they need to be right. Your translation service is more than happy to draw up these contracts for you to make sure that your new business relationship gets off to a very strong start and hopefully, the business relationship will continue for many years.

These are only a few of the many services that these translation companies provide. If you need assistance breaking into a new foreign market, then these people are the ones to trust. Give them a call today and find out how they can help you make your business grow. There is nothing to fear when you have excellent translation services.

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