15 Tips to Write a Thesis in 60 Days


Many people think about quitting graduate school just when they’re about to graduate because of thesis writing. Thesis writing humbles many students who’ve always thought of themselves as smart. You need to approach your thesis with an open mind; otherwise, it will seem impossible to do.

If it’s any consolation, remember that others have written thesis papers and graduated on time. You, too, can do it, but you need a winning plan. Strategize and ensure you manage the little time you have. Spending your days worrying when you could break down your thesis into manageable sections is a waste of the most valuable resource in the world.

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Here are 15 tips that will ensure you finish your thesis paper in 60 days.


1.     Adjust your Expectations

The fact that you’re pursuing your master’s degree is enough proof you’re a smart student. But when it comes to thesis writing, you need to adjust your expectations. This is the most challenging you’re going to tackle as a scholar.

2.     Don’t be a Perfectionist about it

Flexibility is key when it comes to thesis writing. There’s no predicting where the research will lead you. Being a perfectionist opens you up to many disappointment.

3.     Consult with your Supervisor

You cannot finish writing your thesis without the help of your supervisor. Consult every time you feel stuck. You were not assigned a supervisor just for formality; they’ve been here before, and they can help you graduate on time.

4.     Have Deadlines

Even though you should not set unrealistic deadlines, don’t underestimate your capabilities as well. Don’t give yourself too much time to finish one chapter when there are still others that need your attention.

5.     Begin with a Draft Copy

The last thing you want to do is jump right into writing the thesis even if you feel pressed for time. Begin with a rough copy and use it to write a polished thesis paper. Ensure you consult with your supervisor throughout the writing to avoid redoing chapter.

6.     Read Journal Articles

As you conduct research for your thesis paper, make sure you read journal articles. These articles will teach you how to achieve succinct writing. Even though a thesis is a big project, don’t be too focused on the word count. What matters most is the quality of the paper.

7.      Use your free time to Write

Even though you should set aside time to write the thesis, every time you have nothing to do, use it to write. Carry a copy of the thesis everywhere you go and write every chance you get. Treat this as a marathon whose time has already been set. It’s not about getting to the finish line; it’s how soon you get there.

8.     Do the Work

Don’t entirely rely on your supervisor. Remember, this is your project, and 90% of the work is upon you. Go out of your way to find reliable sources to use in the thesis.

9.     Force yourself to Write

This is not a love letter that needs inspiration. Sometimes, you’ll have to force yourself to write.

10. Be Flexible

There is no rule that specifies how you should write the thesis. If you feel like beginning with the conclusion, do that. After all, you have all the research material, right?

11. Have a Calendar

How else will you finish the thesis in 60 days if you don’t have a calendar?

12. Write in Short Bursts

Writing in short bursts ensure you give the thesis your very best.

13.Give Yourself Breaks

This is not a life and death situation.

14.Find Someone to Work Together with

You’ll need someone to motivate you on days when you don’t feel like writing.


You can’t possibly work day and night without sleeping.


There you have it! 15 tips to help you complete your thesis in 60 days.

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