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In today’s world, it’s hard to imagine young people without social networks, and recently even older people use them. After all, a social network is a place where you can share your emotions, feelings and just chat with interesting people without leaving your home. Instagram is one such place and is gaining more and more popularity every day.

In this article, we will provide you with some interesting life hacks that you might not know about, and which will greatly facilitate the process of using this now popular social network.

How to use Instagram

Gain popularity

It’s very easy to gain popularity as long as you use official Instagram services such as They offer real followers as well as likes and comments for your posts. You can even get reposts from them.

People Gathered Inside House Sitting on Sofa

Fonts in bio

First, let’s explain what bio is. Bio – this is information in the account, its presentation to the reader, what followers see in the first place. It is located directly under the username, and usually contains information about the occupation, age, and location of the account owner.

Followers can be attracted with the help of emoticons and emoji, as well as a vivid and meaningful description, but this does not always work, because the keyboard often limits the flight of our imagination. This can be fixed by working with some third-party sites and adding a highlight to the profile that other users will not have.

To carry out the desired looks from a mobile phone, you will need a site called LingoJam. With it, you can choose any font you like and add it to the bio. Having opened the website on your phone, in the left-field, type your text. It will appear in the right field, from where it can be copied. After that, go to your account, click “edit profile” and paste the text in the “about me” box.

Text with an interesting font can be added from a computer – it’s as easy to do as from a phone. To do this, visit the FontSpace website, where you can find many different options. There you can download the option you like in just a few seconds. To do this, select the font you want to use and download it by clicking “Download” directly below it. After that, a folder will appear on your desktop, in which there will be fonts in the “ttf” format. You need to copy them, go to Instagram from the computer, start editing the profile, paste the text into the desired window and edit it.

Interesting accounts

Oddly enough, there are a large number of people of all ages who do not have an Instagram account. If you are part of this group but want to find a person, a culinary profile or an account with handmade jewelry without registering, you have two options. They will help you understand whether you need a profile or not.

The first way is to insert the account name directly into the link. In the search bar, this option should look like this: www. Instagram com / * account name * (all without spaces). After that, the profile you need will open in the browser, where you can view all publications. Also, you will have the opportunity to look up other interesting accounts using the Instagram search bar.

The second option is also not particularly difficult. It will allow you to find the right person or company using Google. You need to enter the following phrase in the search bar: site: [account name]. By pressing enter, you will be taken to the page you need – it will be the first among all possible results.

Multiple accounts

Sometimes it happens that you either open a business for which you need to create another profile, or just want to gain a different audience, or want to keep accounts in different styles, but don’t know where to place them all. There are many cases with one solution.

In the Instagram application, you can manage multiple accounts at once, and this is solved with two clicks. To do this, you need to go to your profile, click on the name of your account in the upper left corner and click on “add account”. After that, you can come up with a username, password and turn on your imagination to create a new profile.

To switch between accounts, you need to go to any of your profiles, click on the account name in the upper left corner and select the one that you need at the moment. Notifications from all accounts will be periodically sent to you, however, the priority will still be the one that is open in your application.


To get started, let’s figure out how to use it, and what it is for. Active Instagram users cannot live a single day without stories – small posts that last 24 hours and are deleted automatically after this time. They are needed to share with the audience information, videos, and photos that you would not want to see in your profile on an ongoing basis.

However, if you still added a photo, video or information to the story, you think that it is the place for it, but you are afraid that important information will slip away from you – this item is what you need. You can add the story to the “Highlights”. Now we will tell you how it works.

All stories and publications are saved in an archive that is visible only to you. You can find it by clicking on the dial icon in your profile. To add a specific story to the “Highlights”, go to your profile and click on the plus icon, signed as “New”. An archive of stories will open immediately, and you can choose what you need. This will allow you to sort the stories and save them until you decide to delete. Collections can be renamed and added to whenever you want.


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