Seven Classic Video Games Available to Play on the PC

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Gaming has indeed involved with technology. Nowadays, you get to enjoy PC games with stunning graphics. You can even play games on your phone and tablet when you are away from your PC or gaming device. But if you look back, video games were a lot different from the PC and smartphone games you have today. You must have owned game consoles or spent a handful of coins or tokens at the arcade just to experience the pleasure of gaming.

A few decades ago, games were made out of “primitive” graphics techniques and were characterized by pixelated shapes and lines. However, these video games paved the way for various technological innovations and led to successful game franchises today. Some of these classic video games have been remastered and improved so that you can play them on your PC and other devices today. Have a blast from the past as you download the following classic video games available to play on your PC as listed on BetterCloud.

The Oregon Trail

Initially released as an educational game, The Oregon Trail was produced by the Minnesota Educational Computing Consortium in 1974. Exp.GG stated that it is the world’s longest-running video game franchise by far, with about forty years of existence. It is a strategic game that showcases the American lifestyle in video game format. Players are able to improve their resource-management and risk-management skills. In the early 1980s, it was released as a stand-alone game to the public on Apple II, making its way to schools and becoming a pioneer of the educational-entertainment genre. It is still running up to this day with a number of remakes and reissues, with the recent title of The Oregon Trail: American Settler for iOS in 2011.

Super Mario Bros.

One of the most popular video games ever made is the Super Mario Bros. When it was first released in the early 1980s, it introduced an ingenious technical innovation called side scrolling. It was also virtually pleasing, with the quirky brothers known as Mario and Luigi who became iconic characters. The impact of Super Marios Bros. on the gaming world is still recognized up to this day, making it the best-selling video game franchise.


Created in 1989, SimCity allowed players to build and design their own city. Back then, it did not have a positive critical reception because publishers failed to see its potential. It strayed away from the traditional win-or-lose dynamics of games and gave players an avenue to become creative. This is also the reason why the owner Will Wright published SimCity himself. Today, you can play an improved version of SimCity as well as its spinoff, The Sims.


In 1989, Nintendo released the Game Boy, which was bundled with the Tetris game. It is very simple to play, which is why it was warmly accepted by adults and children alike. With an estimated 170 million copies of the game sold (and counting up to this day), it’s one of the best-selling video games of all time. It has been played in more than 185 countries, translated into 50 languages, and released on more than 50 platforms. Tetris is indeed the most popular game in the puzzle genre.

Sonic the Hedgehog

In order to remain competitive, Sega released Sonic the Hedgehog in 1991. Sonic the Hedgehog was originally called Mr. Needlemouse, and it was viewed as an invigorating alternative to Super Mario Bros. The unique feature of Sonic the Hedgehog was its emphasis on speed. Sonic became Sega’s mascot because of the blue hedgehog’s commercial success.


Have you ever tried playing Pac-Man in the arcade before? Pac-Man drew its inspiration from two things: the Japanese character for “mouth” and a pizza pie missing a slice. In an era where games focused more on space shooters, game creator Toru Iwatani made the game about eating because he wanted both men and women to enjoy the game. It became the highest-grossing game in history. Its popularity led to the creation of Pac-Man merchandise and a Pac-Man TV series.


One of the most influential games ever made, Doom came out first in 1993. It sparked the creation of first-person shooter games, and it introduced 3-D graphics. It featured multiplayer game play, making it more appealing to players. In a way, it also introduced the term “death match” to gaming lingo.

You can now check out these classic video games on various app stores so that you can play them even on your portable gadgets. If you want to play these games on your PC, you might opt to buy a copy of the game online or at gaming stores near you. Some people even sell stuff like PC games or game merchandise online.

To maximize your PC gaming experience, you might want to have a better PC technology. For instance, liquid cooling can extend the life span and improve the performance of your PC. You might also want to build your own PC that caters to your favorite games. With all that said, reunite with these classic video games, and enjoy them to the fullest.


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