New Tobacco Free Product’s that Contain Nicotine

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For one reason or another many people are choosing to be tobacco free in their own way. Thanks to technology someone does not have to be nicotine free just because they are tobacco free. Tobacco stains, smells, and most of all can offend the people closes to you. Now there are ways to get your nicotine fix without having to endure the unwanted effects. Do not let the nicotine free quiting products fool you. I have tried personally and they really do not hit the spot and are usually filled with caffeine causing furthered anxiety. Below you will see a few different tobacco free options that may entice you to make the change from tobacco to tobacco free.

Nicotine Pouches

Nicotine pouches are awesome for when you are at your desk or just enjoying watching some Netflix in bed. LYFT nicotine pouches are a great place to start. They have formulated a tobacco free pouch for the people that like to use the tobacco pouches. These pouches give the same amount of nicotine without the stained teeth that make it obvious that you chew tobacco. Make sure to look for the non-tobacco pouches otherwise it will be a waste.


Vaping is the number one way for smokers to go tobacco free. Many smokers are addicted to the feeling of inhaling smoke and can miss that even more than the nicotine sometimes. They find it so much easier to make the switch with this method and even prefer it instead afterward. The cool part about this is you can control the amount of nicotine ingested making it easy to stay in control of how much you’re ingesting. There are vape shops everywhere whether it is online or going to a gas station. The only issue is that in many countries the regulations are changing and many flavors are being stripped from the shelves. This is why many people are still opting to choose the pouches.


Nicotine gum is awesome because not only does it give you nicotine but also no one else ever has any idea that you aren’t chewing regular gum. The gum is usually sold in big packs but for the people that may not want to make the big investment they can choose smaller ten packs. If you are trying to save the most money just buy the highest milligram nicotine gum they have and separate it into pieces. This can make it much more economical. The way it works is by chewing it a little and then sliding it in between your cheek and gums. Once you feel it start to wear off you just chew it a little more and put it back in the same place.

Overall it can be hard to switch to anything. Everyone has their own opinions, ways of ingestion, and of course it is always their choice. Just know the difference between your options and remember that the best option for someone else may not be for you so be indep

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