How SEO Proxies are Used by Marketing Agencies

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Most SEO agencies, both old and new, buy SEO proxies to improve research and results for their client’s campaigns. Not every aspect of an SEO agency needs proxies; it is always recommended that every agency should have some proxies and create an IP pool ready to be used at any time and for any type of project.

Are SEO proxies needed?

Every starting agency will look into limiting expenses and maximizing results (for their costs). If you are starting an SEO agency, you might not consider buying SEO proxies for your projects. But, if you have clients that need both on-page and off-page SEO, you will need to buy SEO proxies. There are plenty of reasons why you should do it, and there are several uses of SEO proxies for marketing agencies. Here are just a few of them.

Isolate each client’s project with SEO proxies

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Best practices indicate that you should always isolate (segregate) each of your client’s projects and requirements. You can achieve this segregation online if you buy SEO proxies and use different IPs for each of your clients.

In this manner, every action you perform for each individual client will be from a different IP pool. In this way, you eliminate any online fingerprinting and diminish the risk of having your actions tracked to your client.

Better testing and faster results

Your performance as an SEO professional is reflected in your client’s SERP positions. The higher your client’s positions and ranking are, the better your performance.

To isolate any online task and avoid harming your client’s results, you should use SEO proxies while performing tests and experiments. For example, you can test different hypothesis after each Google algorithm update.

Besides, for SEO and SE marketing, you can also use public proxies. They are not the best option, but you can use them together with your SEO proxies. This way, you can cut prices and improve your bottom line.

Get better rankings in different niches/categories

With this step, you make sure that you can deliver the promised results for which your clients paid.

How do proxies come into play? You need to buy SEO proxies to perform SEO tasks such as scraping, data mining, commenting and ranking verification.

The later one, ranking verification, works better with SEO proxies than with a ranking tool. Because when you use proxies, your browser instructs visited websites that your location is in the city of the proxy server’s IP. Thus, you can be sure that the results you get when doing raking verification are from that particular area. As such, you can also use proxies from worldwide locations to test rankings at a global level.

Long-term success with great results

Who doesn’t want great results for their SEO efforts? Especially you as an SEO professional?

You get long-term success and great results if you use top SEO tools and a professional approach. That’s why you should focus and pay attention to your SEO campaigns’ deployment.

For example, using SEO proxies, you avoid performing SEO tasks for two or more clients from the same IP address – a mistake that can lead to penalties from search engines.

Enlarge your SEO database

One of the things you can do with SEO proxies, like SSLPrivateProxy’s ones, is to scrape search engines for relevant websites. You can use these proxies to search for sites that access guest posts or for sites that have already posted content from your client’s niche. You will be surprised to see how far a little data mining can get you.

In conclusion: Happy clients

Great results and above all, safe results means happy clients. And one way of getting great SEO results that are also safe and long-lasting is to buy SEO proxies and use them professionally. Do not abuse them or spam them. Use them to perform data mining and scraping for your clients. And always use different IPs for different clients. In this way, you segregate each of your client’s online actions.


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