Biking Safely In New York City

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With rising fuel prices and environmental impact, it only makes sense that many people are switching to more sustainable methods of transportation such as bicycling. This, however, creates a variety of risks for both cyclists and motorists, especially in a dense city like New York City. Use the following tips to stay safe and remember to reach out to a Bicycle Accident Attorney if you are ever in need of one.

1) Avoid Busy Traffic

Just because some roads can be shared between cars and bikes does not mean that they should be. The more cars in a line of traffic, the greater the chance of an accident. Even if a person is an expert at riding bikes and does everything perfectly, a drunk driver or someone not paying attention on their phone could make a mistake that can cause serious harm to an individual. Avoid the risk completely by using backroads and cycling paths that are more obscure and safe for use of a bike and often times makes for a more enjoyable ride.

2) Always Wear A Helmet

Although they may not be fashionable, the difference a helmet can make can be substantial which is why it is important for a person to invest in a quality helmet and wear it when they are using a bike. Often times it is inconvenient for people to keep a helmet with them in addition to their bike, but there are new lightweight and high quality helmets that make for great use during these types of occasions. There is no excuse for not wearing a helmet.

3) Using the Subway as a Shortcut

While New York City has many great places for riding a bike, there are some places that are not as suitable. In these cases, there are different ways that cyclists can use the subway strategically to skip through these areas and make it to more suitable areas for cycling. Being able to use the two can increase the advantage of using each of these alternative methods of transportation. 

4) Always Remain Visible

Remaining visible is an important part of riding a bike safely, especially in a crowded area such as New York City. With all of the traffic going in so many different directions including motorists and pedestrians as well as other cyclists, it is important that attention is maintained at all times and a person is as visible as possible. Avoid tight corners and fast speeds across unknown or unclear stretches that may not always be as safe as they seem. 

5) Keep An Eye Out For Potholes

While most roads are maintained and kept safe, there is no telling when a new pothole can develop. These can cause serious unexpected accidents for cyclists since the wheels of a bike are so much less sturdy than the wheels of a car. Potholes are difficult to spot because they are the same color as the road usually and the ones that are newly developing are not likely to have warnings placed around them. For this reason, it is important to keep an eye out for potholes regularly why cycling in the city. 


Riding a bike can be fun as long as it is done safely. Make sure to follow each of these tips for a safe riding experience in New York City and make sure to contact your local Bicycle Accident Attorney if you have any questions.

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