A Few Popular Design Modifications When Handling Discrete Wire Cable Assemblies

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When you are setting up a hidden wire system for your entertainment units, for your security cameras, or for your wireless router, you may need to make some changes to help make the area look tidy. No one wants to see cables flowing everywhere, and it is hard to imagine that your guests want to see cables hanging in odd places when they come over. In addition to these steps below, www.meridiancableassemblies.com also offers insights on how to effectively help cover, organize, and hide the cables to ensure they are simpler to work with in the future.

Color Coding

Color coding is a simple way to remember which cables are used for which purposes. You can label all your audio cables white and all your video cables yellow. You can label the security camera cables green, and you can label your T-1 line red. When you have used a color coding system, you will save quite a lot of time when you go back to these cables, need to replace them, or remove them from their home for service.

Cable Bundles

There are special housings you can purchase to bundle all your cables together in one place. This simple cable bundle ensures that you can hide the cables and have one long stretch of cables line the wall or baseboard. Most people do not notice these cable bundles because they are so well hidden. Plus, these cable bundles are easy to open when you need to service the system or change a cable. You do not need to use tape to hold the cables because the bundle does it for you.

Specific Labels

You can use very specific labels for your cables when you need to know where they are going and why they are there. These cable labels are easy to wrap around the cable, and they can be written before you affix them to the cable. Turn the tape around the cable in a spiral fashion so that you can read the entire label with no trouble.

Twist Pairs Together

You can twist pairs together when you are trying to make it easy to reach a certain set of wires that work together. If you think back to old TVs and gaming systems, the audio cables work together. If you twist these pairs together, they would never get separated from one another because you only need a small piece of tape to hold them together.

The Ferrites

Ferrites are some of the best things you can buy for your cables because they reduce the EMI of each cable. The EMI is electromagnetic interference that you get from cables as they are used during the day. You can sometimes hear the hum coming from the cables, and there are other times when you cannot even put your cell phone near these cables because you get feedback through the speakers. This is especially important if you have cables near other electrical devices that have issues with interference.

Hide The Cables In The Walls

If you have the expertise, you can slide the cables behind the wall the way a professional would. You can let the cables enter the wall in one location, pull those cables along using a special wire or steel rod, and you can pull the cables through the other side easily. The cables can still be labeled or color coded, and they will be easy to service or replace.


When you are hiding cables or trying to keep them organized, you must ensure that you have found a way to label these cables, conceal them, and make them easy to find in the future.


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