Rolling Your Own Tobacco vs Buying a Pack of Ciggarettes

For someone that does not have loyalty to a brand rolling your own cigarettes can be fun and economical. A big bag of tobacco is a fraction of the price of a pack. In the US prices are different in each state because each state has the ability to add state tax. This can affect the price by more then ten dollars for the same thing. Many people who have been smoking the same brand of smokes for years are starting to open up to the idea that it may be time to roll their own.

What’s out There

Many people are choosing Good Stuff Tobacco to take care of there needs. A sixteen-ounce bag costs fourteen dollars which can roll a few cartons worth of cigarettes. Just one carton can cost five times what that bag of tobacco costs. For someone that goes through over a pack a day this is the only way to do it that makes sense.

Sticking to Regular Cigarettes

While many people choose to do this for taste and flavor the cost adds up. With that being said it does not mean someone cannot get used to a different taste. It is just hard sometimes for smokers to switch when they’ve been doing the same thing for decades. Many people even try to quit by switching to another brand because they think it will taste terrible. Most people are surprised when they realize they like a different brand as well.

Rolling tobacco is each and all you have to do is buy a pack of rolling papers or they also sell tubes that you can load in the tobacco which is nice because they come with filters usually. Without the filter then you are asking to have large and pronounced nicotine stains on your fingers.

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