How to Figure out the Leasing World

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Now more than ever people are choosing to lease a car over buying for many reasons whether it is the amount of miles they drive or what the monthly payment is going to be. Often times someone who does not use a car that often opts to lease one. Most people do not even realize what they are paying for in a lease. You are basically paying for the depreciation of the value of the car you are borrowing. Personally I lease a car since I need something reliable but I also do not need something that i’m going to be putting thousands of miles on a month. For someone who drives for lyft a lease would be absolutely terrible. Free services make this process easy by matching your needs with top companies like if you’re looking for SR-22 insurance.

Finding the Right Deal

If you have been doing research on finding the right lease then you are familiar that pricing can be dramatically different depending on where you go. Choose a reliable leasing service that can give decent discounts. Many places that sell a ton of car’s naturally they do not have to give as many discounts as a lower volume dealership. Some cars that seem like they would be cheaper may not be because they are expected to depreciate much more than other cars because after a few years they are not as desirable. Also, your lease will affect your insurance rate so make sure to compare other quotes to find the best deal.

What Brand to Choose

Choosing the right brand is all up to someone’s preferences. For me I needed something powerful enough to tackle steep hills and merging onto highways. This led me to an Audi A3. If you have never driven an Audi then the right time to do it is during a snowstorm. Audi is known for just gliding through the snow like butter. There are many great brands out there as well as well written reviews. Do some research and then do not be afraid to just go to a dealership and test drive the car.

Overall deciding whether to buy or lease can be confusing since some cars are good to lease and some are good to buy. Why pay for depreciation on a car when you know it is not going to depreciate. A good example of this is something like a Porche 911 gt2 since it is such a desireable car it will most likely never lose it’s value.

Good luck on your new lease!


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