Being a Groomsmen During Wedding Season

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Wedding season is well upon us and there are a ton of different aspects to keep in mind. Every wedding is going to be different no matter what whether it is religion or even budget. Many times you will end up having to rent a tux and potentially stay at an expensive hotel. The bride is always going to be held up on a pedestal so it is important to do background on them if you haven’t got a chance to know her well enough.

Do Some Background Research

No, you never need to know every exact detail of a person’s life but it is important to know if there is anything withheld that may affect the wedding. Some cultures even have weird Marriage Laws that may affect the wedding when you had no clue it was even something to keep in mind or worry about. For example religious Jews will not touch or even hold hands until they are married and are sometimes supervised when they are out on a date. This may seem extreme to most cultures but it’s something that has been instilled in them all of there lives.

Getting the Right Tux

Many times the Groom will pick out a specific Tuxedo or Suit for the Groomsmen to wear during the wedding. Do not wait until the last few days before the wedding to go and get measured. You’re going to end up paying full price for a new suit. Typically you want to get fitted two months before so they can make additional adjustments before the wedding. Those photos are going to be hung up on many walls so you don’t want people asking why you were in a suit too big or small.

Having Fun

It is your job as a groomsman to show up on time, help the groom, and to have a fun time without becoming too drunk. Going with the flow and enjoying being a part of something so special is important. There’s always going to be that one person who does something memorable but let’s make sure it’s not you this time.

Overall if you are in your late twenties wedding season is going to start becoming a thing. Knowing the right etiquette and what to avoid is going to be important in making yourself someone who would get invited to another wedding as a groomsman.

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