What to Look For in a Bed, and What to Avoid



The benefits of quality sleep are well known. Getting a good night sleep is VITAL to our wellbeing… or so we are told. Humanities quest for the elusive ‘perfect night’s sleep’ has been profitable for some, with thousands of companies trying to give you the best rest possible. With all this competition and so-called innovations in sleep-aid entering the market every week, it seems getting some decent sleep is big and complicated business.

The thing is though, it’s really not.

You don’t need any of this extra ‘stuff’ to sleep well. All you really need is a quality bed frame and mattress… that’s it. Domayne sells a massive range of bed frames and bedding gear, so a good start would be checking them out. All bed frames are not created equal so let’s have a look at some of the things you will need to be aware of when choosing one.


The most obvious design trait, but perhaps not the most obvious choice. Bed frames come in 5 sizes; single, king single, double, queen and king. There are some exotic, custom made sizes of frame out there but you will most likely want one that fits the standardized sizing so you can match it to the right sized mattress. King single, queen and king are perfect for taller people whilst a double is a popular choice for teenagers. If you are looking for a child’s bed, there are specific sizes for them too.


The debate rages on over wood vs metal when it comes to building frames. Both have their advantages and disadvantages but realistically, the choice comes down to personal taste. Wood is durable and natural, adding warmth to a space, whilst metal can be formed into extraordinary designs and can, in some cases be even more durable.

The Coppa Bedframe for Domayne is a fantastic example of what can be achieved with modern technology, whilst nodding to past. The stunning metal frame has a mirror finish that reminds me of the glamour and optimism of great ages past. Some do not like the “cold touch” that metal can have, but if treated correctly it can deliver amazing results. And last forever.


Bed frames come in all manner of designs so shouldn’t be a chore to find a piece that matches your tastes. Some designs are pure art, whilst other have all sorts of practicalities built in like storage draws or shelves. The ‘look’ of your bed should not affect is comfort levels, but the slats on the underside of the frame will.

Slats or springs?

Bed frames use either flat or curved slats to provide additional support to the mattress. Ensemble base use soft springs to the same effect. Deciding between a bed frame and ensemble can be a hard choice, but despite bed store spin, an ensemble doesn’t actually provide you with any more support than the mattress provides. An ensemble can be a good choice if you are chasing a clean aesthetic, and some come with storage or even a hideaway trundle. If you are basing your decision purely on comfort a traditional slat frame will provide you with the same amount, if not more.

Flat slats are the cheapest option and will provide stiffer support. Curved slats have more flex and move better with the mattress. Some bigger bed frames use two rows of slats so the bed can adjust and flex with two sleepers, a boon for a couple who have different sleeping positions. The best way to determine which bed frame is right for you, if possible, is to test the it out at your local store.

Getting a good night’s sleep shouldn’t be hard. With the right bedframe and mattress, you can sleep soundly every night and feel recharged and rejuvenated every morning. Simple.


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