MINERAL Educates People Looking for CBD Oil in Austin

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MINERAL started as an online CBD company. In early 2019, it opened a community center in Austin, Texas. The founders opened the community center to create a place where people could learn about the health benefits of CBD oil and other plant-based products.

Discovering CBD Benefits

One blogger recently wrote about an experience with researching and using CBD oil. The curiosity was fueled by the blogger’s dog getting sick. Although it did not help with the dog’s seizures, the blogger discovered how many ways it has helped people across the United States. An experienced CBD advocate and store owner explained the benefits of the oil to the blogger. CBD is the shortened term for cannabidiol, which is not a psychoactive component. It does not make people feel high, and cannabidiol is even found in human breast milk. As a powerful developmental supplement, it is vital for newborns.

CBD and Medical Marijuana

Cannabidiol is not the same as medical marijuana. It is one of the cannabis plant’s most active ingredients. According to Harvard University, CBD is taken directly from the hemp plant. The hemp plant is the cousin of the marijuana plant. The Harvard article referenced a World Health Organization study, which found that there was no evidence of dependence or abuse potential with cannabidiol.

Uses for CBD

In medical research, the uses for cannabidiol have been extensive. It has been used to effectively treat some people with epilepsy. On the internet, there are many videos of parents stopping epileptic seizures in children with CBD. There is also a growing volume of research about CBD and cancer symptom relief. People also use it to treat physical discomfort. This is especially true with illnesses that cause chronic pain. For example, people with arthritis often use CBD to treat joint pain. Multiple supporting studies have been published by the National Institutes of Health. Many of those studies showed links between CBD use and reduced inflammation. Chronic illnesses and pain are often connected to inflammatory responses in the body. Stress and anxiety have also been linked to inflammation, and CBD has been shown to reduce inflammation in several studies.


MINERAL has developed both topical and edible products for people who are looking for CBD oil in Austin. The founders of the company have traveled to cannabis farms and learned about cultivation practices. In addition to its unique community center, one of the aspects that makes MINERAL stand out is its use of terpenes in products. Terpenes are the main components of a plant’s essential oils. They differ slightly from one cannabis strain to another. The founders studied terpene actions and experimented with several combinations for targeted health effects. For example, they developed special blends for sleep and anxiety.

As one of the community center owners said, MINERAL is more like an educational cannabis perfumery instead of a retail store. Visitors can learn about the different blends and how terpenes work. MINERAL is excited about the opportunity to let people see and experience the products in person instead of online. It also gives more people the chance to learn how to find the right products for their individual needs. Since education is just as important as making a profit to this Austin CBD company, it also offers educational group events that are open to the public.


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