How to Create an Office Environment Your International Employees

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You may not know this, but the office environment has a huge effect on your employees’ productivity. Studies have shown that workers thrive in optimised environments. Dark, impersonal spaces grind down motivation and inspiration. On the other hand, light, optimistic spaces encourage the best work. As a business owner, it’s in your interests to provide the best possible working environment.

We spoke to a variety of business managers, and asked how they create a productive office environment. Some had their unique ways of inspiring employees. Others shared a similar, functional approach. here are some of the best ideas out there.

Good lighting

We’ve all worked in those awful grey, cubicle offices with harsh strip lighting. Those strip lights seem destined to suck your motivation and inspiration! A much better option is bespoke lighting options that create an effective glow. Speak to a variety of electrical lighting contractors, and find a better alternative to strip lights. You should also do everything possible to improve the flow of natural light. Natural light boosts energy levels, helping you unlock better performance from your workers.

Organisation and structure

A productive office flows efficiently when everyone knows where everything is. This all starts with simple organisation and a universal structure. Make sure that that regularly accessed items, like stationery, are easily found and organised. When everyone understands a simple layout and structure, they can do their jobs with better effectiveness.


The Google offices are famed for their unique designs and alternative approach. They’re designed to inspire creativity and motivate their employees. Well, your business can learn a thing or two from the world’s leading search engine company. When a new employee joins Google, they’re given a small allowance to personalise their desk space. Allowing workers to fill their work area with personal items is a great way to make them feel more at home.


Another great trick you can learn from Google is the sense of community. The best offices are designed to spur natural collaborations and inspire teamwork. You can do the same thing in your office by creating communal work spaces. Areas with recreation like ping pong tables are great for sparking conversation and ideas. Bring your office into the 21st century! Implement these into your work area and watch as colleagues become friends. It builds trust and communication in your workers. This is only a good thing for your company.

Open and closed environments

While communal areas are great for inspiring teamwork, you also need quiet spaces. In fact, many employees prefer a quiet, solitary space to get stuck into a big project. Not all your employees work best in an open-plan office. Cater to all personality types if you want to unlock the best from your workers. Provide open-plan spaces and solitary rooms. That way, you’ll get the best of both worlds.

The perfect office environment is essential for boosting your workers’ motivation. Make them feel at home, and make them feel part of a team. Create lots of spaces to inspire the right work ethic too. Do you have any tips for creating a better working environment? Let us know!

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